Upward and Onward

By the weekend I had sufficiently recovered from my bout with shingles to attempt a real hike…

We started in Johnston Canyon (in Banff) with the lower and upper falls…IMG_20160514_142759917_HDR

And then traipsed onward and upward along a lovely forest trail…


to the Inkpots—an area of natural thermal pools, reminiscent in a very small way of Yellowstone’s wonders.


We munched our lunch and caught some shut-eye on the rocky shores of a beautiful creek before heading home. Our feet were ready to get out of boots seven and a half miles later!

Got a photo shoot of some bighorn sheep nibbling at the roadside along the way home… Is it winter’s leftover salt they’re after?


It’s great to be feeling better, and to get to hike on such a lovely day!


The mountains will bring peace to the people,
And the little hills, by righteousness.
Ps. 72:3 NKJV


(Banff in bloom)





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