Road Trip and Tandem Rally

We traveled back to the coast last week for what has become an annual event for us

—The Northwest Tandem Rally!  IMG_20150705_090100404

Having moved away since we had registered meant we had a longer drive to get there than anticipated.  Bellingham, Washington used to be relatively close to home—not any more.

But the 9+ hour drive to and fro was scenic…



…even spectacular!


[This is Diablo Lake. The surreal color is the result of glacial silt suspended in the water and reflecting its surroundings.]

And the Rally itself was a grand one with 400 other tandem teams joining us for 4 days of  rides in and around Bellingham, Washington!

IMG_20150704_075332129That’s my captain in the front as 400 bikes gather to kick off the Rally with a 4th of July ride, a 61-miler for those who chose the  long route! 

How do you capture 400 tandem bikes in a picture?  I couldn’t.  But Jim put together a little video of snippets from the rally which will give you the flavor of the thing without the sore muscles!

Join us for the ride!


Though there’s nothing quite like riding a tandem bike in the company of other tandem bikes (think FAST and FAR), the very best part is the few special couples you get to know a bit and look forward to seeing for years to come.  It’s a pretty special bunch of couples that have figured out how to ride together and enjoy it!


And it was good to get back to the coast again



After the Rally we took our time heading home to do some favorite rides…


And visit some favorite people–two of our daughters!


Whew! It was quite a week.


The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth,
and even for evermore.



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