Feathering our Nest…

For now nature pictures are on hold as I’ve been pre-occupied this week settling into our new nest.  Seems we are feathering it with boxes!


How did we need all that stuff in order to live anyway?!  I’ve unpacked the things that make a house feel like home, a few things.

That’s enough..P4290488



The view from my writing desk couldn’t be more serene…


Maps charting the far-flung locations of our children line the opposite wall,

as does our tandem and elliptical trainer.P1170374

It’s not a home décor idea you’re likely to find on Pinterest, but it works for us, and is perhaps appropriate for this migratory phase of our lives.

But even a migrant grandma needs a little corner of earth to tend. This is mine…P1170366

And I have brought along a lilac bush and some oregano, for their familiar beloved scents.P1170355

For color there will be moss rose just outside my window…P1170357

And there are always the living room walls!


So here we are, all ready for company  [really! ]

Will you be the first?



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