Summer Days are for…

…Little Bear and Mama Bear to spend time together, making mugs and mug shots, and realizing we are growing up…


…renewing our supply of zucchini relish, a family tradition ever since Micah copied down the recipe from his Auntie on a summer’s visit many moons ago…


[ It is sweet and oh-so-yummy, especially on hotdogs. (Though we really must find another use for it, since we seldom eat a hotdog now that the kids are grown…) And it really did help put a dint in our surplus of zucchini! ]



…savoring our own ‘back yard’. People come in their yachts to visit Nancy’s Bakery.  We have but to ride a hilly 13 miles to sit on the patio overlooking the harbor. Legendary cinnamon buns round out the ride as we carbo-load for the return trip home.  Sometimes the best part of an effort made is the reveling in its accomplishment. Other times…it’s the cinnamon buns!


Taste and see that the Lord is good—SO good!

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