A little comfort on a very ordinary day…

For the life of me, I could find nothing photo worthy today, or yesterday or the day before… It’s just January in our  sleepy backwater.  The evergreens are still green, the rest of the trees still quite bare and the water still wet… What more can I say? (or see?)

Reflections are deeper and more somber at this time of year, both in the swamp out back and in my head—but nothing very picturesque!





I did  see a robin today, which is a hopeful sign!  And there might have been a picture of a chubby little gray bird with his creamy bib had he stayed still for a few seconds…but he flitted off.

So, I leave you instead a tip for getting off to a good start on very ordinary days that hold no particular promise of great things to come.

Pick up some steel-cut oats (Costco carries them now!).  Soak a cupful overnight in a couple cups of water…and in the morning after just a few minutes of cooking…voila, comfort food!

P1130567 Of course, if you happen to have some left-over whipped cream just waiting to be lapped up, that will help.

Add a sprinkle of  Turbinado Sugar for just the right sparkle and crunch.  For the record, I don’t use it because it’s less refined than white, it’s just prettier, tastier, and well, crunchier!

Oh, how a proper bowl of oatmeal warms and brightens an otherwise very ordinary day!  Try it and see.

Here’s wishing you many winter mornings warmed with steaming bowls full of steel-cut oats ( :


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