Rumors of spring…

There’s something underfoot, quite literally…rumblings that spring is on the way.  A great underground network of workers is on the move, tunneling and depositing their waste in neat little mounds that polka-dot our lawn…


Quiet Snowdrops raise the ensign—winter is surrendering.


And I was so tickled to walk into my ‘studio’ and see an Artist other than me at work!  

P1090703 The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggested that I gather branches full of buds and put them in water for a winter bouquet. It worked!  The forsythia have graciously yielded up their blooms to adorn my dreary windowsill!


I never tire of the wonder of an opening bud!


And I’m glad for the chance to hibernate and dream up flowers of my own that don’t require weeding!





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