It’s been ‘berry’ rainy…

I seem to have stayed put this week… the weather has been suitable for deskwork.  Probably a good thing;  when would I ever get down to thinking about school prep otherwise?  But one damp overcast morning I got out for a little hike first thing while the raindrops were still on the salal along the climb…


A bumper crop of huckleberries called from the roadside.  It’s been a terrific berry year, first our own strawberries, then salmonberries and now  huckleberries and thimbleberries (though I have yet to venture across the highway and see if the bears have left me some of those.)


And I suppose the lichen is happy with all the wet…it’s even fashioned goblets for the occasion…


Oh, and of course, the slugs are happy as…well, happy as such slimy garden-gobbling creatures can be!

banana slug

And that’s about the extent of my ramblings this week.  If you’re having really hot weather and wishing it away, think of us and try to enjoy that warmth that hasn’t even a hint of coolness in it… We would be glad to trade our sea breezes and rain for a good hot summer if you’ve any to spare!


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