Quintessence of spring…


There’s little quite as relaxing as a catnap in spring sunshine in the middle of nowhere–trees towering overhead, a lone raven calling—


–unless it’s a tandem ride around “Loon Lake” with my favorite Captain…


We’ve got a blight of ‘capatillars’ this spring, so I guess it’s inevitable that there would be moths… Tiny lavender beauties flitted amongst the pebbles at the shoreline.  But when they folded their wings they were pure camouflage.

moth One irresistibly sunny Sunday afternoon the draw overcame the fear of meeting a bear and I ventured down the increasingly overgrown paths across the highway to the bluffs above the ocean—singing, whistling and clapping rocks together all the while mind you.  I just had to get to ‘the bench’ again on the rose strewn bluffs above the sparkling sea.

Thimbleberries bloomed profusely along the way…


But the essence of spring must be breathed in—the wild roses blooming in wild abandon on bluffs and roadsides.  I wish I could attach the scent to share with you.



And not a bear (the other indicator of spring’s arrival) showed his face!


For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing…II Cor.2:15

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