Wind-whipped days

Emerging from the shadow of cedar and fir to the seaside road, faces flushed with the vigor of the walk and the briskness of the wind…we paused to take in the glory of the wind-swept ocean reaching away to the snow-frosted mountains…


…the gulls wheeling and playing in the invigorating rush of wind…


…our placid strait, transformed into a sea of bedazzling diamonds…


…the white caps surging in to lend their froth to the wind-driven sand and reckless abandon of a wind-whipped day!

It was glorious!

The following day, when wind and wave had subsided substantially…we took “Chase Me” for a sail to our best-loved island with kids and friends in tow…
chase me

It was my first sail since the balmy days of summer…and what a sail it was!  Heeling in the wind, tacking back and forth into a lively Northwester, we did at last arrive at our quiet haven…had a jolly wiener roast, a ramble about, and a quite nap nestled close to rock and moss…


And somewhere along the way my camera battery died… I leave you to imagine the rest ( ;


“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” Ps.16:6

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