The Unchanging One

It was a blustery day.  Windy and wet!  I needed a walk anyway and took my camera just in case there was anything worth a picture on such a gray and unpropitious day…

Wet roads. No trails today.  Not in the mood for slip-slopping over mud and slick tree roots…

No’body’ wanted to stand still for a picture…poor little clover, all alone in the ditch and tempest-tossed…P1040308  And I didn’t want to stand still to find a good picture either!  So I put in my time and hustled home…deciding at the last minute to take a quick tour of my own backyard in search of a little bright something…

The red currant bush was holding out with fortitude despite the wind and weather…


But not much else to note…rotten pumpkins sagging in the way only a pumpkin knows how… sodden garden waste catching rain…cernuous last remains of once-brilliant painted daisies their heads now drooping toward earth…You get the picture.  It’s wet. It’s gloomy.  Better times have been but for now are past…

Then I poked my head in the greenhouse.  It’s just a homemade affair framed roughly with saplings and now-flapping plastic, but it keeps the weather mostly out.  And in this quiet out-of-the-wind spot I found a little radiance.


This little bush of a marigold, a misfit among tomatoes and peppers all summer long,  just keeps on blooming her heart out in here, oblivious to wind and weather.

And just across from her a vagrant calendula has found a place to bloom for all he’s worth and chase the blues away.  Defying winter’s approach he blazes with the beauty of a summer’s day!  And I am reminded, it is possible to rejoice, no matter what, when my refuge is with the Unchanging One.



“…for you are my safe refuge, a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me.”

“Let me dwell in your tent forever!  Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings!  Selah.”

Ps.61:3,4 NLT&ESV


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