On a quiet fall day…


On a quiet fall day there sits a little lake, more like a big pond really, not much lauded, but sitting calmly reflecting to itself of lily pads and cloud trails…


lily pads We stopped as we were pedaling by to have a closer look and snap shots of the trees all decked out in rouge and fall’s latest fashions…

fall picnic… a tangle of light and texture and color waiting to be celebrated.

P1030853P1030858  And when the business of the day took me later to the library, the trees there were  lollygagging in their brilliant costumes too,  just waiting for pictures to be taken…



It’s not every parking lot that boasts of such a view…


I prayed years back that I’d never tire of our ‘commuting’ view….I haven’t.  I pulled over to have a better look on my way home and what do you suppose I saw?…the glory of God, in plain view.


The heavens declare His glory.  The firmament shows His Handiwork.  Day after day utters speech and night after night, knowledge.  There is no speech or language where this voice is not heard! (Ps.19:1-3)

Praise the Lord!


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