Such Bounty

This post is dedicated to the bounty we enjoy at this time of year… This week nature has been at my fingertips outside and in…

DSCF9562DSCF9571P1030119First the picking… (and pricking!)…then the jam and jelly and tarts and buckets full to freeze for far-off grandbabies that like them in their pancakes…


Zucchini was slow this year, at my house, but this one (?!) was gifted to me to turn into relish… and my favorite cupcakes.  LOL.  I made the batter and forgot to put the zucchini in!  So we had zucchini-less cupcakes.  Sigh. ( Dry.)


A cup of tea anyone?  My chamomile is thriving this year.


Picked (and blanched) my first pole beans today!


And a host of little tomatoes…


and tomatillos


We are blessed with so much…


“You have crowned the year with Your bounty, And Your paths drip with fatness.”
Ps. 65:11


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