Visual Happiness

Ok, so maybe I should leave the fireworks photography to the professionals…


but it was pretty cool (and a first) to watch fireworks over the water from the deck of the boat!


You get the idea.  It was Sea Fair weekend in our little sea-side town.  This was the extent of my participation.

I prefer a quiet walk in the woods, seeing what’s up…

The next town event will be the Blackberry Festival.  The blackberries have gotten plenty of water, now for some sunshine!

Check out these mysterious and rather ghastly emerging life forms…


Apparently white is in vogue in the woods right now…


But in my garden there are great splashes of color.  Nothing so satisfying as growing up a flower from seed not quite sure what it will look like and then, Voila!  your very own cut flowers!

Visual happiness!


“…for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.” (Prov. 15:15)

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