From Small Beginnings…

OK, so I haven’t made it up Scout (yet) this week and I haven’t been out and about on any wonderful walks and there just isn’t a lot of ‘Spring’ happening yet but I have planted little wonder seeds and am watching the small beginnings emerge in the  greenhouse…


Here are two of my favorites.  The first, a little wild lupine from seed I gathered one very rainy day tromping down an old logging road and remembering the profusion of yellow blooms I’d seen earlier in the summer at that spot… OK so it’s a little like growing a mighty weed… but beautiful.  And yes, Jim, it will be moving to other quarters before it becomes invasive!

The second little seedling is a happy little licorice-scented volunteer that blooms crazy purple bottlebrushes.  I don’t ever seem to use ‘Anise-hyssop’ but I grow it for the love of the scent and the carefree blooms.  (Or should I say, it grows itself from the zillions of pepper-sized seeds it scatters).  My job is merely Protector from the weeding wizard!  So far, so good.


Meanwhile, out and about there are these sweet little fir cones forming bright wee bouquets…


…and Miss Ash, the broccoli look-alike, a young ash grown from seed but destined for destruction as a garden plot is being developed at its feet… and that will never do.  Poor ash.

And that’s the week’s findings in the horticulture department.  Blessings on all your seed-sowing.


“He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves [with him].” Psalm 126:6

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