On the Lookout!


So, I slung my camera around my neck and headed off on an ordinary walk on a much traveled trail to see what I could see—something new and different, fresh and wonderful would be nice…


Never know what you’ll find when you look up!

P1000503 - CopyP1000548

These trees think it won’t always be winter… and this ivy is undeterred by the rainy cold from its climb to the heights!


Something about the curls makes me smile…


And nature has its ruffles too…


My trail is at present a stream bed but who minds a little water when it’s gurgling and rushing with such grace…


And those are my notes from nature for this week.

~~Keep looking for the unexpected. Looking up is a good place to start.

~~Remember seasons do come to pass. Winter will not stay.

~~Look for grace notes along the way—the curls and frills that add beauty to life.

~~And if your trails turn to rushing streams, listen for the gurgle of grace to accompany you.


“But I received mercy…and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.”
lichen snippet
I Tim.1:14 ESV

3 thoughts on “On the Lookout!

  1. Such a priceless gift to my week! Thank you for taking the time to look and to reflect and to let the Master pour out His grace through your insightful worship of Him through His creation! Love you, Linda, this beauty adds so much richness to my life in the desert. Thank you!


  2. Paula, You're so welcome. I love to be able to share it all…and in person would be even better. When can we expect a visit?!

    Meme–ski while you can!! ( :

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