The Glory of Fall

We’re having a glorious fall day that makes my reluctance to leave summer behind feel silly.
The sun is shining through a crisp refreshing breeze.  I’ve had a walk, a casual lazy day walk.  Bear droppings are everywhere.  Hazelnuts are all cleaned up—birds and bears no doubt have helped.  I missed my helping this year.  Came home to gather my pumpkins and gourds. I always love this part of fall.  What will I find beneath the straggling vines this year?  There was a bumper crop of volunteers in the compost pile this summer.  One was a big pumpkin.  Unfortunately a wandering bear had some fun with it before abandoning it on the lawn…
But I was very pleased with the armloads of mixed cousins I discovered.  And the gargantuan ribbed zucchini to top them all!
It was a good summer for volunteers.  Had a bumper crop of small red potatoes but the ones that grew in the abandoned compost area were giants!
Likewise the sprawling nasturtiums…
This was my favorite this year:
Well, but summer is over with its swimming and boating, gardens and travel.  In exchange there will be cozy treks in wool and windbreaker and the ever essential earwarmer.  But best of all the  delights of fall is the fire to come home to at trails’ end.
Every season has its glories– God bless the season you are in with His bounty and His comforts–the best is yet to come!

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