Spring Sprang!

While we were away,  Spring came creeping into ‘my’ woods…
It seems a bit reluctant this year, but not this trailing flower!
The salmonberry are the first of a procession of berries to provide bear  (and people) food.   While the bears wait for the salmonberries to ripen, skunk cabbage does the trick…We’ve had our first bear visitor of the season already.  There was a great big one up a tree out back today!
–Salmonberry blossom–
–Bleeding Hearts–
Lots of wild strawberries are blooming on the side of Scout Mountain.  I have yet to be there in time to find a ripe berry though…
If you look close, even the lichen are dressing up for spring with their little red caps.
IMG_1639 These pretty blue ‘weeds’ attempt to take over the park grass every year at this time making clouds of blue in amongst the green.  I liked them so much I transplanted some to our lawn!
And with these bright little faces of dandelion & daisy, I bid you a happy springtime!

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