Morning Vigil

There is nothing like morning in the desert.  The air is fresh and cool with a hint of a breeze caressing… I went out this morning early to capture this last morning in the desert before we leave Catalina (a bedroom community of Tucson).
These new  housing developments have an enormous amount of rockwork defining the hillsides and preventing erosion.   I sat just above a wash area to listen and watch the morning…
To be still and remember…
the cooing of doves, quail partners calling to each other, the flutter of little wings,  songbirds rejoicing in the morning…
A wee yellow tit came to investigate this dark spectacled trespasser (me).  He flitted from branch to branch coming ever closer and then on around behind my back twittering to himself all the while.  Who is this? What is she doing here? 
Then along came Mr.  Roadrunner on his morning circuit.  He kept a watchful eye on me as he did his rounds in search of breakfast.  What a treat to have him pass so near!
After he had passed I quietly tucked my camera in its spot at my side without looking… and next thing I knew it was tumbling down the rock wall, bounce, bounce, bounce till it came to rest in the roadrunner’s trail. Ouch!
And that’s when I took my descent to amble about in the wash (and try out my camera to see if it would still function!).  Here’s what I saw…
yellow tiny flower 
before turning my steps back to our host’s house…

The desert wilds have been invaded by people since we moved away.  This entire community is new. (You can just see our car and Boler parked at our host’s house).
But the wildflowers have found their nooks despite it all.
Don’t fence me in!

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