Warm Fuzzies to You


I have a little pussy
Her coat is silver gray.
She lives down in the meadow
And she never runs away.
She’ll always be a pussy,
She’ll never be a cat.
Because she’s a pussy willow,
Now what do you think of that!


Well actually, this ‘pussy’ lives in a friend’s garden and I was lucky to happen by  today and find it creeping out for a peek at the weather.  Pussy willows are such delightful things.
I’ve had a little branch of them on my desk all year and every so often they appear in a sketch.  The latest, my journal cover.


No new subject matter around here otherwise.  It will be good to see what Spring will bring.  Everything seems rather ‘same old’ lately when I go out walking… I guess that’s the wonder of Spring.  Life springs up and everything seems new.
In the meantime, His mercies are new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness to the likes of me!

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One thought on “Warm Fuzzies to You

  1. I learned in a magazine yesterday that pussywillow is the plant used to represent motherhood, or was in Victorian times when women spoke to each other with flowers 🙂

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