Rainy Day Glory

I took a regular old neighborhood walk today,

around Wildwood. It was raining and I didn’t particularly feel like a walk (though Louie did). But I had a notion it would do me good. And so it did. I came back revitalized, feeling better than I’ve felt in days. Yes, my coat was wet and beginning to soak through but my soul was refreshed because even on the rainiest, gloomiest, most cloudy of days, God is good and accents my world with spots of beauty. How much would I have appreciated this fire engine red tree had it been a sunny, sky blue day? But today, against the backdrop of gray sky it shouted its glory!! God is great and God is good and God in His utter holiness is BEAUTIFUL. I think He gives us glimpses of His glory in the things He has made and always there is some token of His love set in our path if we are not afraid to take a walk in the rain.

Wishing you glory in the rain!

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