Remembering Bygone Aprils….

I am flower-hungry.  I’m craving the fresh greens and hopeful blossoms of springtime in other places.  And since I’ve been organizing this new site for my pictures, I thought it a good time to assemble a collection of blooms from April’s past…

So for today my soul is assuaged with these sweet memories, and I share them in hopes yours will be too!

2009–Spring comes to the Arizona dessert…

We took a road trip to reconnect with our old home and friends there.  Nothing quite like a spring morning in the dessert…

2011–Signs of spring on the Coast…

Rhubarb rising.  First Salmonberry blooms.  And if you’re lucky, a sparkling sunny day by the sea.

2012–more signs of spring in Powell River…

An Easter bouquet, huckleberry and salmonberry  hatching, and sunny faces in the lawn!

2013–Just out back, Powell River

Skunk Cabbage is spring’s first bear food. Beware!

2014–Spring beauty and nostalgia

Spent Easter with my sister in Ohio.  The Mayflowers springing up in the woods took me right back to my NJ childhood.  I guess I’ve always loved spring for all its fresh wonder.

Back home in Powell River our apple tree was in full dress…and yes! the lone wild currant bush by the sea was still there, still beautiful!

2015–Leaving our home on the Sunshine Coast for temporary quarters inland…

2016–Making a home in the Canadian Rockies

We were welcomed to the Bow Valley by fuzzy pussies and a chorus of Prairie Crocuses!


2017–And one more…

Yesterday this bright beauty arrived at my door,  the thoughtful gift of good neighbors who are moving away.
Did they know how I am craving color?!

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.

 Praise the LORD; for his mercy endureth for ever. 

Psa 90:1-2; II Chron.20;21

April Surprise!

The snow had all gone returning the earth to its drab dead skins awaiting another season of warmth to liven it up. Cautious wisps of green were springing up on protected berms and in those spots where they will soon be unwelcome. And I actually spied a lone daffodil against the warm wall of the old Anglican church in town. Then came yesterday.

The world was obscured in a falling blanket of white.  Despite our having removed our snow tires and stowed our skis away it fell as though expected.  The good news was that it refused to stick.  The warmed damp earth refused to let it rest. There were just great puddles–and a flurry of larger and larger flakes in protest.  And so we went to bed, the landscape still dreary brown but the mountains freshly powdered.

We woke to this:

Now I am well aware that likely noone, including myself, is really hankering for more snow pictures!  I’d rather look at daffodils, crocuses, forsythia blooms or whatever is springing up where you are.  But since this is what I have to take pictures of here, this is what you get!

I had to chuckle at this sign so appropriately obscured.  It is announcing the street sweeping that is to commence this week.  But first for the snowplows!

Despite my preference for green and flowery at this time of year, I had a lovely quiet walk through the fresh powder.

And I was glad I had not yet packed away my snow boots or wool sweaters!



























Wherever you are, I hope these photos will incite you to look more closely at the beauty of spring around you, and maybe even to share a glimpse?!


Please don’t feel too sorry for me, by day’s end as I’m posting this, all this snow has largely vanished back to brown earth and we are feeling fortunate, as the word around town today is that Banff (just down the road) got a whole foot of snow!

The Ole Buck and the Troll…

I’ve just begun to discover Kananaskis Country in spring…thanks to some long-time local hikers who are introducing me week by week to new places…


Here we are in the Sibbald Lake region venturing out to the Ole Buck Loop.

E & W

Spring is just barely springing.  Its new green is such a refreshing sight!

Spring comingSping has sprungP1200450



We gained 500ft. before stopping for lunch at what used to be a viewpoint, before the pines grew tall…


It was lovely nonetheless and even boasted a geo-cache which we duly signed.

My PB&J sandwich was all the better for the lovely setting ( :P1200443



This Crocus chorus greeted us along the way back.

Crocus chorus

But that was last week’s hike.  The following day a grizzly was reported in the area making advances toward a hiker and the trails were closed till further notice.


Today our hike took us to a lovely falls, also in Kananaskis Country.


These trails double as cross-country trails when the snow falls.

The leader of our expedition has a very long history here; she’s written books about the area and one of the trails is named after her—a downhill stretch that’s sure to be a ‘screamer’ on skis!


This is Ruthie.  She is fast approaching 80 but still on the move and still very much in love with Kananaskis Country.


She names for me the flowers along the way…

(names I am disappointed to have now forgotten…)


And points out the spot where she would like a bench placed in her memory…


As we near our destination, the effects of the 2013 flood are clearly in evidence despite extensive clean-up.  This area was hard hit.


Troll Falls is our destination–


Named for the troll who keeps watch as it tumbles…






The nearby Nakiska ski slopes were built for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics…the meadows we traverse used to be full of wildflowers but they have yet to recover from being used as parking lots for this event.

But the valley is lovely still, from beside…








P1200522 P1200536

and above…


…and has become a popular setting for wedding parties.




We, though decidedly less glamorous, pose for a picture anyway.


In 2002, top world leaders met in this out of the way place for the G8 Summit of 2002.

It became the largest peacetime security operation in Canadian history.


For today though, we have the place almost to ourselves! Though over the weekend the Prime Minister and his cabinet were here for a cabinet retreat!

These and other bits of trivia I hear as I walk for the first time in Kananaskis Country…, but it’s the flower names I wish most to remember!

And I have it now…Calypso Orchid is that flower’s name!


The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves. The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea. Ps.93:3-4

Let the floods clap their hands: let the hills be joyful together before the LORD; for he cometh to judge the earth: with righteousness shall he judge the world, and the people with equity. Ps.98:8,9