Mmmm…. my first chantrelles

I came home this evening to find a couple of these golden delicacies on my counter waiting for me to try them. Jim’s been out hiking today with a friend and good ole’ Louie–poor Louie, the hike got long when they extended it to go on around the lake and on to Big Sliammon lake before returning home! But, turns out the friend knows his mushrooms and found these beauties. I’ve always been a little sheepish to try a mushroom of my own picking, though lots of people here pick them and sell them at the Mushroom Depots that open up around this time of year to catch the mushroom season…

So, given the assurance that these strangely webbed and gnarly golden wonders are indeed the real thing I went ahead and sauteed them in margarine and took a nibble. Ahh, delightfully tender and with that uniquely chewy mushroom texture and a subtle nutty flavor. I shared a few bits around enthusiastically to a wary household and then quickly gobbled the rest up myself. Yum! I shall me more intentional about looking for mushrooms next time out!

[Photos borrowed from random sources… I wasn’t along for the picking]