Long quiet spring evenings…

…are perfect for a spontaneous jaunt to our local beach…


to stand in awe of all the teeming life…


…and enjoy day’s end together, P1100842

while shadows stretch long…


…and little lost boats find their way to shore


by the light of the setting sun…P1100860

We’re loving the long and  unseasonably balmy spring evenings we’ve had this week. Other select evening pastimes included—a jolly pedal around town on our antique ‘granny’ tandem just for the fun of it…


and a drive out to visit ‘Chase Me’ and spruce her up for sale…

P1100870(looks like someone’s interested?)

Ahh… the glory of a quiet spring evening!



We dug the hole…

We chose the spot
We dug the hole


We laid the maples in the ground
To have and hold


As autumn falls
To winters sleep
We pray that somehow in the spring
The roots grow deep

And many years from now
Long after we are gone
These trees will spread their branches out
And bless the dawn…

[Lyrics by Andrew Peterson]


This is the story of parenting, symbolically played out this spring in our front yard as we planted my fledgling maple tree, raised in hope, from a stray seed…

Take a moment to enjoy Andrew Peterson’s sentimental reflection in ‘Planting Trees’.  Have a tissue handy.


Blessings on you in your tree planting…