Heralding October


In all the recorded history of our town never has there been a September so rain-free as the one just past! And now October has come with a token rainfall and the sun lingering yet…


We had our first frost this week and our first fire in the woodstove.  I’ve dug out my turtlenecks and my new woolie socks…


We’ve commenced our fall birthday season with strawberry chiffon and black forest cakes and a whole quart of whipping cream consumed between the both of them!


But for this morning I’ve come out to savor the brisk brightness of autumn and see what’s smiling in my garden…

I find honeybees harvesting last pollen and nectar from summer’s merry-golds…P1080400

Pole Beans hang on the vine fattening seed for spring planting.


Other more exotic seed pods do likewise.  Here’s ‘love in a mist’…


I stumble upon my fall crocus nearly spent from its blooming, its beauty almost overlooked.  And I am glad I came out to see the morning…


Nasturtiums ramble brightly still, holding their faces to morning’s cold dew for a few more days.


Jim’s homegrown Christmas trees, backlit by morning sun, await their season of celebration…


While this year’s lone duet of wee pumpkins herald October.


The neighbor’s grapes are plump and tart as ever.  Rachel tries her hand at jelly. We’re surprised to see the color green grapes produce!


The firewood’s all dried and split, gathered in to clear the chopping lot  for next year’s logs.


And I sit out back in the Adirondack, cherishing the gentled chill of this fine October morning… Whoops, roosting crows in the willow branches straight overhead are intent on making a mess of my meditations…must move on.


“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Gen.8:22