It’s Time…

It’s time…I kissed him gently on his age-softened forehead and said “I have to go now”…Being half asleep he did not protest the kiss or acknowledge the leave-taking.  In my pocket I held his speckled river rock, the one he’d brought to show me this morning along with a miniature machine like the ones he used to operate…I’ll put it with the unique flat skipping rock he gifted me another year… Dad likes rocks, and trucks still…but has lost the significance of good-byes. 
It’s a frosty bright morning, 15F (-10C), the clear weather has held.  It’s time to fly away and trust to God the ones that stay behind to brave another Alaska winter.
The hours elapse quickly engaged in conversation with a new friend and surrounded by such beauty…
P1030763  This God of ours that caused mountains to rise, promises to move them too in response to faith…
We’re counting on it!
As the mountains [are] round about Jerusalem, so the LORD [is] round about his people from henceforth even for ever. Ps.125:2