Under the earth for a morning…

Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico made for a fascinating hike down, down, down 750ft. below the earth.  Photos don’t capture it too well.  But we all tried.  Here are our favorites.
Oh, and this was just funny.  Down under the earth… 750 feet down… there was this useful facility at tour’s end…
And of course, a spot to eat!  Weird.
And that was our morning at the Caverns.  Fascinating.  Here again we have it so much easier than our forebears who came in first with rope ladders and then with rustic wooden stairs and lanterns.  Now it is lit up strategically by Hollywood light technicians for effect.  Really cool.
And that’s the day’s highlight.

2 thoughts on “Under the earth for a morning…

  1. Looks awesome. It would be funny to cut the power for a few minutes when bunches of people are down there for April Fools day or something!!

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